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Deck Edge Coping : Deck Edge Coping

L-Shaped Coping

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Wall panes with L-shaped coping detail: Complete that finished look with our wall panes with Precast L-Shaped Coping detail. Our L-Shaped Coping detail on this product creates a no-seam look at the top of our coping. Our Precast L-Shaped Coping is made of precast concrete with a ¼” coated rebar enclosed in the pane. A threaded insert is cast into the coping for easy installation. This wall pane is available in 38 different colors and comes in various lengths and thicknesses. Let Wausau Tile compliment or match any existing concrete floors or indoor stairs with ease. Wausau Tile is proud of its accomplishments in working with various architects and developers to create exciting, innovative parks, streetscapes and more, by use of precast concrete pavers and accessories combined with the efforts of our Concrete Site Furnishings division for precast concrete planters, precast concrete benches, concrete walls, and more to complete the finished look.

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